About us


We are people who help people.
Our highly trained, specialized team of professional experts has experience and flair you can trust. Our renowned experts in accounting and tax advice and labour consultancy are qualified to give you the legal help that you and your company need to manage your tax, labour, and legal obligations, efficiently and effectively.

Emede ETL Global is a team of professionals that provides accounting and tax advisory services.
Our dedication to tax consultancy is based on 26 years’ experience making ‘taxation’ a less daunting subject. We move about the rocky terrain of tax management with ease.
We are ready to deal with the challenges of tax obligations, continuous legal and planning changes, leaving companies free to do business, without interruptions.


Juan Manuel Toro Fernández

Socio - Economista - Asesor Fiscal - Auditor

Rafael Fuentes Díaz

Gerente Área Contabilidad y Fiscalidad

Rocío Bautista Ruiz

Responsable de Contabilidad y Tributación

Isabel Díaz Rosado

Economista - Asesora Fiscal - Auditora de Cuentas ROAC

Beatriz Gaspar García

Responsable de Contabilidad y Tributación

Luis Gajate Bonilla

Gerente Área Contabilidad y Fiscalidad

Marta Ruiz Herrero

Gerente Área Contabilidad y Fiscalidad

Mª del Mar García Arjona

Responsable de Contabilidad y Fiscalidad

Víctor Ruperto Buzaglo


Ramón Bocos Lerma

Socio - Abocado - Asesor Fiscal - Economista

Patricia Oropesa Rovira

Controller Interno

Cándida Lorenzo Ferris

Responsable de Marketing y Comunicación

Eva Molina Cazorla

Responsable de Finanzas y Contabilidad

José María Toro Fernández

Responsable de Gestión y Tramitación Electrónica y Telemática con las Administraciones Públicas

Rocío Moreno Fuentes

Responsable de finanzas y contabilidad

Leopoldo Martínez

Abogado fiscalista

Silvia Blanco

Abogada - Asesora Fiscal

Fernando Soler

Asesor fiscal