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Tax Planning

Emede ETL Global makes a thorough analysis of companies’ tax situations, because in-depth understanding is the foundation of integral streamlining of corporate taxation. We search for specific aspects that lead to fiscal savings and reduce the tax burden, always with rigorous respect for the applicable law. 

¿What we do?

1.We draft contracts and deeds and carry out all types of procedures necessary to set up companies or for mergers, divestments, contributions of branches of activity or equity shares, exchange of securities in corporate restructuring with a low fiscal cost. 

2. We advise and represent our customers vis-a-vis official tax agencies.

3.We prepare and submit statements for the following taxes.

  • Corporate income tax
  • VAT: Value Added Tax
  • IRPF: Personal income tax
  • Special taxes
  • Tax on Property Transfers and Document Duties
  • Local taxes
  • Inheritance tax
  • Processing appeals, claims and tax deferral claims.

4.Tax laws change constantly. We make great efforts to ensure that our clientele adhere to their legal obligations in the most advantageous way possible. We seek out suitable formulas to enable each company to benefit from the best tax conditions

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